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Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

Today is Queen Elizabeth's 93rd birthday. She is already the longest reigning monarch of Britain, and has been married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh for over 70 years.

Queen Elizabeth was born in London on this day 93 years ago, to the then Duke and Duchess of York Albert and Elizabeth. When her uncle abdicated the throne and her father became King George VI, she became the heir to the throne. She married Prince Philip in 1947, and they have four children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Edward. She also has eight grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Queen Elizabeth has had a lifelong love of horses and corgis as well as having created dorgis, which are corgi dachshund mix.

I personally hope that Queen Elizabeth has a wonderful birthday that she gets to celebrate how she wishes.

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Meghan Markle Could Give Birth Any Day

The Duchess of Sussex could give birth to the newest member of the British Royal Family any day now. While we don't know many details about the baby, we do know that the baby will reside at Frogmore House at Windsor Castle. My predictions for the name of this baby is that it will be a classic name with a modern/popular nickname. For example the name Alexandra, which could be shortened to Alex or Alexa. Or the name Leopold, which could be shortened to Leo. Anyway, we will find out when the baby is born! I will keep you updated as soon as I know.

Royal Travels: Costuming The Crown

I recently went to the exhibit Costuming The Crown, at Winterthur, the estate of the du Pont family in Delaware, United States. While Delaware may seem like an unlikely place for royal happenings, it currently houses an exhibit with approximately 40 costumes and props from the award winning Netflix television show, The Crown.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can currently view costumes and props from The Crown at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware. Some of the most impressive and iconic costumes on display are...

1. Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Gown

2. Prince Philip's Uniform

3. Queen Mary of Teck's Dress

4. Queen Elizabeth's Black Coat (When she gets off the plane in season 1, episode 2)

5. Queen Elizabeth's Wedding Dress

6. Princess Margaret's Wedding Dress

7. Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret's Ballgowns (The two on the ends are Elizabeth's, and the center dress is Margaret's.)

Now, if you want to see more outfits, you can buy tickets to the …

Happy Birthday Princess Eugenie!

Happy Birthday Princess Eugenie!

In Honor of Princess Eugenie's 29th Birthday, here are 29 fun facts about Princess Eugenie!
1. She loves art.
2. She has a dog named Jack.
3. She has a sister named Beatrice.
4. She is married to Jack Brooksbank.
5. She is the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.
6. She got married at St.George's Chapel, which is at Windsor Castle.
7. She has Instagram!
8. She works at Hauser and Wirth Art Gallery.
9. She wears fun hats.
10. She shares family photos of her and her sister Beatrice.
11. She is ninth in line for the British throne.
12. She went to Newcastle University.
13. She lived in New York for some time.
14. She is Queen Elizabeth's third granddaughter.
15. Her wedding dress revealed the scar from her surgery to correct her scoliosis.
16. Her reception wedding dress was a pale pink.
17. Her wedding was televised.
18. She wore Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara on her wedding day.
19. Her husband, Jack Brooksbank, proposed to her…

Ascension Day

Today is Queen Elizabeth's Ascension Day, one of the saddest days of the year for her, because it marks the death of her father and her rise to the throne. On this day, the Queen takes the day to herself, and she does not partake in any type of celebration. She mainly just has quiet reflection, as well as time to mourn her father. She credits her unusually long reign to the early death of her father.

Information from: Town & Country
Image by: Associated Press

10 Royally Fun Facts: Zara Tindall

Zara Tindall is the Queen's eldest granddaughter, and she isn't in the news very often so you might not know much about her. So, here are ten fun facts about Zara!

1. She is an equestrian, and she went to the Olympics!

2. She is married to Mike Tindall, a rugby player, and they got married in Scotland.

3. She has two daughters, Mia Grace Tindall and Lena Elizabeth Tindall.

4. In her teens, Zara got her tongue pierced. She doesn't wear it anymore though.

5. She is a Member of British Empire (MBE) for her equestrian career.

6. She does not have any royal title, but she is currently 17th in line for the throne.

7. She is a fan of re-wearing. She has re-worn her outfits on many occasions.

8. She and Princess Kate hangout with their kids at many events.

9. She attended Gordonstoun School, just like her grandfather, uncles, and brother.

10. The Queen lent her the Meander Tiara to wear on her wedding day.

Image by: craig carter
Information from Town and Country

Meghan Markle Would Love to Do Yoga

On Friday, despite the snow, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle journeyed to Bristol, England which is about two hours from London. They visited a few organizations, and did a walk about and met with the public. During said walk about, Meghan Markle chatted with a person in the crowd who, like Meghan Markle, does yoga. In that conversation Meghan Markle said, "It works for the mind and body, it’s so key. A nice practice would be so fantastic right now".

Meghan Markle's mother is a yoga instructor, and while Meghan was dating Prince Harry, she was often seen walking around Toronto, the Suits filming location carrying a yoga mat. She has also talked about and posted pictures of herself doing yoga.

It's no surprise that doing some yoga, especially to de-stress is would be super great for Meghan right now, what with expecting her first child and going on so many day trips all over England, constantly talking and representing the monarchy. Doing yoga would be an easy way to d…